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Making the way we find and treat lung cancer better

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Lung PROSPR Research Center (Lung-PRC)

The Lung PROSPR Research Center (Lung-PRC) brings together researchers and doctors from 5 health systems to improve lung cancer screening.

Center Goals

The Lung PROSPR Research Center (Lung-PRC) is one of three specialized cancer screening research centers under the Population-based Research to Optimize the Screening Process (PROSPR) Healthcare Delivery Research Program at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The Lung-PRC will focus on community health systems and medically underserved populations to identify ways to improve lung cancer screening, which works to find lung cancer at more treatable stages.

Collect Data

Lung-PRC will collect data on lung cancer diagnoses, smoking cessation therapy use, and uptake of lung cancer screening from people 35-89 years old from all 5 health systems over ten years.

Conduct Studies

Lung-PRC will evaluate data from the 5 health systems to identify ways to maximize the benefits and reduce any harms associated with lung cancer screening.

Create Programs

Lung-PRC will create and test programs at each health system that address patient, provider, system, and/or societal-level factors that act as barriers to lung cancer screening and smoking cessation programs.

Share Findings

Lung-PRC will actively work with other researchers in PROSPR and collaborate with outside researchers, to increase the impact of the Lung-PRC to improve health outcomes.

Our Mission & Vision

The Lung Cancer Screening PROSPR Research Center is a collaborative hub for health system-based research on innovative, multilevel evaluations and interventions to reduce lung cancer mortality, with a special focus on disparities.

Our Team

Debra P. Ritzwoller Image

Debra P. Ritzwoller, PhD

Kaiser Permanente Colorado
Chyke A. Doubeni Image

Chyke A. Doubeni, MD, FRCS, MPH

University of Pennsylvania Health System
Christine M. Neslund-Dudas Image

Christine M. Neslund-Dudas, PhD

Henry Ford Health System
Stacey Honda Image

Stacey Honda, MD, PhD

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii
Robert T. Greenlee Image

Robert T. Greenlee, PhD, MPH

Marshfield Clinic

Collaborating Institutions


The Population-based Research Optimizing Screening through Personalized Regimens (PROSPR) program studies screening in lung, colon and cervical cancers. Each of these specialized areas will be involved in Trans-PROSPR research allowing centers to conduct studies across multiple organ sites and share lessons learned.

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